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This page you (or the web mistress) can adapt for your own cattery.  It might say/look something like this (and could be adapted for multiple breeds, such as Ragdoll Himalayan, Siamese):

          Ragdolls are so fantastic!  They are not in the same category as "regular domesticated cats."  We definitely put them in a class of their own.  Some people say that kittens are more like puppies, as opposed to kittens. 

          We have found this to be true.  They are not aloof, or overly independent.  On the contrary, they are attentive, affectionate, and very interactive with their human families.  You will often see your waiting at your front door when you come home from work.  Or, perhaps following you at your heels when you are walking around the house.  Some may even sit on the edge of your bathtub, and wait for you to come out of the shower.  The dependence on people that s display is simply amazing!  Anybody who is looking for a true companion animal, and yet wants it to be a cat, well the is certainly for you.  We believe s are the perfect, family pet. 

          They are gentle with children, and inquisitive and intelligent, always entertaining to watch.  They are a low-shedding cat with minimal grooming requirements.  And gosh, Sizable to say the least.  Males weigh between 16-20 pounds and Females weigh between 12-16 pounds full grown.  (Sometimes they can be smaller or larger than the standard.) Males and Females both make excellent pets.  But some people prefer a larger or smaller size therefore having a perferance toward adopting a specific sex of their new kitten. 

          Ragdolls also mature at a slower pace.  Usually having females altered between 6-9 months of age and males altered between 5-8 months of age is recommended.  They develop their full size/weight/color/markings at between three to four years of age. 

          We work with excellect bloodlines and offer our kittens in a variety of colors and patterns.  Our most requested kitten is the Seal Point Mitted color/pattern, s are available in a variety of beautiful colors and patterns (and we absolutely love them all!):
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Point Patterns
  • Colorpoint- point colors on tail, face, ears, and feet.
  • Mitted- same as pointed, except with white mitts, boots, chin and underside. A blaze on the forehead/nose is allowed.
  • Bicolor- tails, ears, and part of their eyes are dark and their backs are usually cream colored. They have an inverted "V" (or triangle) on their face, filled in with white, a white chin and underside, and white legs.
  • Lynx- points in the tabby pattern. Lynx can be present on any color.  The most rare of all the patterns.

Traditional Colors
  • Seal- dark brown points on a cream body.
  • Blue- gray points on a light cream or very light gray body.
  • Chocolate- milk chocolate points on an ivory body.  Paws and nose leather are cinnamon chocolate color.
  • Lilac- frosty grayish pink points on a white body. Occasionally referred to as a "mushroom" color.   Paw pads and nose leather are a lavender pink color.

Contemporary Colors (more rare)
  • Tortie- Blue or Seal & Orange mottled points on a cream body.
  • Red *often referred to as "Flame" - orange points on a cream white body.
  • Cream- very light peach points on a white body.
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        This URL and web set is for sale.  The web designer can also adapt the site for your needs (e-mail her about costs).  The cattery that originally contracted for this web site is no longer in business.

         Feel free to browse this website and learn all you can about this beautiful, loving cat web site, then contact the web mistress with any questions you may have.


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