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This page you (or the web mistress) can adapt for your own cattery.  It might say/look something like this (and could be adapted for multiple breeds, such as Ragdoll Himalayan, Siamese):

bulletThis is what works for us!bullet
          Music City Kittys is dedicated to preserving the health of our babies in every way to the very best of our ability.  The care and welfare of our beautiful babies is of the utmost importance.  Therefore we are continually searching for the best cat care "tips" which we may learn from and utilize for our breeding program.

bulletKitten & Cat Foodsbullet
          We "free feed" dry food all day, at all times.  But we do give everybody some wet (canned) food each morning.  This is a nice daily treat, but the dry food is the main source of their diet.  Dry food is much better for their teeth and overall health.

Pro Plan We feed our cats Pro Plan by Purina. Their regular "Kitten" formula, as well as their regular "Adult" Chicken and Rice formula.  We are happy with how our cats are doing on it, and it is available at any/all major pet stores around the country.
Pro Plan
bullet Dietary Supplementsbullet
          We  recommend the "The Missing Link,"  a super food supplement full of essential fatty acids, dietary fiber, and phytonutrients.  The feline formula comes in 6oz.  packages and will last about two to three months for an adult cat.  For more information about this product, contact the makers at: or call: 1-800-774-7387 You will see the difference in your cat's coat and overall appearance in just about 30 days.  Check it out.

bullet Groomingbullet
          Taking you kitten/cat to the groomer is important about every four to six months.  It is important to start grooming "early on" so they can adjust and get accustomed to water and the whole process.  If you wish to bathe your kitty yourself, then we definitely recommend "Health Guard" (dry formula) Shampoo.  It is available from Revival Animal Health.  This is a "hands down" EXCELLENT shampoo.  In-between visits to the kitty parlor, maintaining a 's coat is fairly easy.  Just a good weekly brushing is about all that you'll need to do.
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Be sure to read this amusing anecdote "Bathing Kitty"
bullet Vaccinationsbullet
          s have a different system than regular domestic cats and should not be given "Modified Live" 3-way Vaccination.  The Cali-Pan-Rhino should always be "Killed Virus" only.  This is for the cat's safety.  There is interesting controversy about this subject available on the web, as well in some of the books published about s.  It's certainly worth taking the time to read about.

bullet Flea and Ear Mite Preventionbullet
          We give all of our cats "Revolution" once a month on the back of the neck starting at 8 weeks of age.  This is an excellent Flea prevention program.  It also is fantastic against Ear Mites.  It has worked well for us and we are pleased with the results.  We recommend that even after adoption that our new kitty owners continue this easy once a month preventive treatment.

bullet Other Recommendationsbullet
animated butterflys should always be INDOOR cats ONLY.  We will only place a kitten with a responsible party that will agree to this promise.

animated butterflyAnd Absolutely NO DE-CLAWING allowed with our babies!!!  It is cruel and unnecessary!  No exceptions!

animated butterflyWe hope that all people that wish to adopt a into their family will do the research on the breed first.

animated butterflyHaving a cat is a long commitment.  The is a very unique breed.  We recommend purchasing the book The Guide to Owning a Cat, by Gary A.  Strobel & Susan A.  Nelson.  This book is an excellent overview on the subject.
animated butterflyRegular checkups with your Veterinarian are also essential to keep your cat healthy.

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