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          When placed locally kittens are available for adoption as early as ten to twelve weeks of age.  When shipping is necessary we require them to stay with us until at least sixteen weeks of age.  From birth and throughout the primary four weeks of "kittening," each mother and her babies have private quarters.  Then from week five to week ten - the babies begin to socialize, play, and become interested in their "human families", and between weeks ten and sixteen--after complete weaning and adequate socialization--they are available for adoption as pets or sometimes on occasion as breeders.

          All Kittys are placed with their age appropriate vaccinations, are de-wormed three times, and groomed/dipped with "Health Guard" before placement.  They eat well on their own, are completely weaned, and possess the ability to effortlessly use the litter box.  Contact us to find the kitten of your dreams!  They are like no other pet.  Let one (or two) be part of your family!  They are truly magnificent!


Our cattery is registered with both:

TICA (The International Cat Association)
and the
ACA (American Cat Association)

          All of our kittens that are available are registered with either TICA or ACA.  TICA is the second largest cat registry in America.  The ACA is the oldest cat registry in America, Incorporated on May 11, 1904.  The CFA was founded in 1906 when some of the people in the ACA broke away to form this new club.

          CFA is the largest registry in America.  Unfortunately, the CFA currently only accepts the Bi-Colored pattern of the for showing.  Many active breeders that are in the "show circuit" are working to change this.  TICA recognizes all three patterns for Championship.

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