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This page you (or the web mistress) can adapt for your own cattery.  It might say/look something like this (and could be adapted for multiple breeds, such as Ragdoll Himalayan, Siamese):

bullet PHOTO CONTESTbullet

          Do you have a beautiful , or an adorable , or a funny cat?  Then enter our Photo Contest by sending us a photograph! 

          If you win you will have full bragging rights!  You will also receive a beautiful graphic for your web page and the photo will be in our Photo Contest Gallery as a winner for all the world to see as long as we have this contest.

bulletCONTEST RULESbullet
  • ONE photographic entry per month maximum (if you send more we will throw all the entries out).
  • Photograph must feature a cat (all others will be thrown out).
  • Person who makes the entry must be the owner of the cat and the photograph (we will not be held responsible for copyright violations or privacy infringements).
  • Person who makes the entry must have a web site that they are willing to post the award on and link the award back to this site.
  • Photograph must be in good taste (we are the sole determiners of what is good taste for our own contest) all others will be thrown out.
  • Photograph format must be:
    • .jpg or .gif
    • No larger than five inches square.
    • No larger than 80k file size
  • You may enter the same photograph after thirty days if it did not win.
  • Winners may not re-enter the contest for one year.  After a year they may re-enter but it must be a new photograph.
  • Email us and attach your photograph.
  • In the body of the email include:
    • Name of cat.
    • Age of cat.
    • Comment (if any) about picture.
    • The URL you will post the award on (if you win).

        This URL and web set is for sale.  The web designer can also adapt the site for your needs (e-mail her about costs).  The cattery that originally contracted for this web site is no longer in business.

         Feel free to browse this website and learn all you can about this beautiful, loving cat web site, then contact the web mistress with any questions you may have.

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