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bulletFree Screensaver!bullet

This page you (or the web mistress) can adapt for your own cattery.  The web mistress can creat a screensaver for your cattery featuring your cats.  She has many samples available starting at $150.  This page then, might say/look something like this (and could be adapted for multiple breeds, such as Ragdoll Himalayan, Siamese):

Featuring our lovable kitties!

bulletWhat is a screensaver?bullet

          Originally designed to stop image burn on computer screens, but most modern computers can now turn the monitor off after a period of non-use and that's to be encouraged if the computer is going to be left for any long period. Now screensavers tend to be used to hide the screen while you're away from your desk, or to display some interesting image or message while the computer is not being used.

Requirements for the screensaver on this page:

          This screensaver should work with any PC (sorry Mac users, maybe latter we'll get one for you). It does not use DirectX and so requires no special screen drivers. The faster your PC the smoother the results, but it's been designed to work well with older computers as well as faster, newer ones.

Save the screensaver below by clicking on the link. This will allow you to save the file wherever you wish.

This would be a link to download the screensaver of your choice.

Created by Crystal Cloud Graphics

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Free Screensaver!

          Then to install the screensaver, open your file manager and find where you saved the above "" file.  Open the .zip file. To then install a screensaver, you should right click on the screensaver file (mck.scsvr) and select 'install,' or double clicking the file name should work also.

          Also to select a screensaver, or change how long it takes to appear—you need to change settings within Windows.  To find these settings right click on your desktop then select 'properties' followed by 'screen saver.'  Alternatively, go to your control panel, double click the 'display' option then select 'screen saver'. Consult your Windows help for further information.

           If you have problems or questions please write the creator of the screensaver.

bulletCreating your own screensavers:bullet

           Would you like to create your own screen savers?  It is very easy!  Crystal Cloud Graphics recommends this inexpensive program for all beginners.  Just click on the button.

Click to get your own copy of XARA!

        This URL and web set is for sale.  The web designer can also adapt the site for your needs (e-mail her about costs).  The cattery that originally contracted for this web site is no longer in business.   Feel free to browse this website and learn all you can about this beautiful, loving cat web site, then contact the web mistress with any questions you may have.


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