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This page you (or the web mistress) adapt for your own cattery.  It might say/look something like this:

animated butterfly These links put you in touch with very interesting, helpful and loving people on the web.

cat buletThese links will connect you to related areas of information on cats. 

 bullet These links are great sites for more information/resources on Ragdolls. 

Sit back, start clicking, and browse your way through
some pages that are very enjoyable.

cat buletACA (American Cat Association)
The ACA is the oldest cat registry in America, Incorporated on May 11, 1904.  Music City Kittys is a registered cattery with this fine organization.

Designer of Kittys web site.   I am thrilled with this site, I knew Kythera Ann was talented, but this is beyond my wildest dreams.   At Crystal Cloud Graphics you can commission designs such as this, or you can take advantage of the many free web sets and graphics the site offers.

This is where I am hosting my web site.   The service is excellent, the prices are reasonable.   I love the community feeling, contests and message boards.   Best is that the fees also go to help charities! 
Need help with taxes?   Need help with your business accounts?   Need a specially designed Excel spreadsheet?   This is the knight to slay your accounting dragons!   He slays mine!

 bullet Fanciers Club International

 bullet Fanciers Worldwide

cat buletRevival Animal Health
If you wish to bathe your kitty yourself, then we definitely recommend "Health Guard" (dry formula) Shampoo.
cat buletTICA (The International Cat Association)
All of our kittens that are available are registered with either TICA or ACA.  TICA is the second largest cat registry in America.
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        This URL and web set is for sale.  The web designer can also adapt the site for your needs (e-mail her about costs).  The cattery that originally contracted for this web site is no longer in business.

         Feel free to browse this website and learn all you can about this beautiful, loving cat web site, then contact the web mistress with any questions you may have.

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