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We try to join web rings with associated topics to this site.  So if you wish to find more sites that have information on related subjects, this is a good place to start.  Occasionally we join a ring that is not related directly to the subject matter on this site.  The web ring then is a group of web pages of people I am proud to be associated with for a personal reason, so please explore those sites too.  All the web rings are interesting, enjoy browsing them.

If you came to this page from a ring, please take the time to explore the the many interesting pages about our cattery.   You'll always be able to return to this page to continue your web ring journey.

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        This URL and web set is for sale.  The web designer can also adapt the site for your needs (e-mail her about costs).  The cattery that originally contracted for this web site is no longer in business.

         Feel free to browse this website and learn all you can about this beautiful, loving cat web site, then contact the web mistress with any questions you may have.

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